Engine 52-1 attends Chester County Hospital's Open House
By Third Class Fire Fighter Al Smiley
March 7, 2020

On Saturday from 9:00 AM until approximately 1:00 PM, Engine 52-1 (FF A. Smiley) attended Chester County Hospital's Open House event. The crew of Engine 52-2 participated in activities at the event and showed off Engine 52-1 to the community.

After returning back to station, Station 52 handled 2 Emergencies. A Fire Alarm in the first due and a Chimney Fire in Station 53's local. Engine 52-2 (FF A. Smiley) responded to the chimney fire shortly after dispatch. Crews from Engine 52-2 and Ladder 53 investigated for a short time and determined there to be no issue. Crews went available shortly after.

The members would like to Congratulate Chester County Hospital on their new expansion!

Units: Engine 52-2, Engine 52-1