Working Commercial Building Fire in the First Due
By Third Class Fire Fighter Al Smiley
March 2, 2020

On Monday at approximately 10:50 PM Station 52 was dispatched to the 900 block of Fernhill Road for the Water Flow Alarm. Engine 52-2 (FF L. Pierson) and Assistant 52 quickly responded. Engine 52-2 and Assistant 52 arrived to find a 1 story commercial warehouse with nothing showing. Engine 52-1 (Lt C. Davis) went responding. The crew of Engine 52-2 made access to the building and found a heavy smoke condition inside. After crews found the smoke condition the Working Fire Dispatch was transmitted, adding Stations 51 (First West Chester Fire Company), 53 (Fame Fire Co.), 54/56 (Goshen Fire Company), 15 (Chester County Hazmat) and Fire Marshals. Engine 52-2's crew pulled a 200' 1 3/4" crosslay and Engine 52-1 arrived and dropped the interior crew off at the building and proceeded to reverse lay a 5" supply line to the hydrant.

52-1's crew initially assisted 52-2's crew with advancing the 1 3/4" hose line. While advancing the line, 52-2's crew ran out of hose short of the fire. The crew of Engine 52-1 came back outside and grabbed the 150' 1 3/4" High Rise Pack. After the High Rise Pack was put in service the fire was knocked. Engine 51-2 arrived and placed a secondary line in service, followed by ladder 53 who ventilated the building. Crews found a 55 gallon drum of Titanium shavings and multiple pallets to be on fire. After several hours on scene and extensive overhaul, working alongside Chester County's Hazmat Team, crews started packing up the scene. The scene was cleared at approximately 1:50 AM.

Thanks to the companies who covered the borough of West Chester while units operated on scene.

Units: Engine 52-1, Engine 52-2, Air 52, Assistant 52
Mutual Aid: Stations 51, 53, 54/56, 15, 55 Ambulance