Working Apartment Fire in the First Due
By Third Class Fire Fighter Al Smiley
February 27, 2020

On Thursday at approximately 11:00 AM the West Chester Fire Department along with Goshen Fire Company (Stations 54/56) and Good Fellowship Ambulance (Station 55) were dispatched to the 800 Block of Goshen Rd for the reported Apartment Fire. Engine 56 and Deputy 56 were out on another call and arrived to find a 2 story apartment building with nothing showing. Deputy 56 found a working fire on Division 2 and asked for the Working Fire Dispatch. Engine 56 arrived and placed an 1 3/4" hose line in service followed by Ladder 53 and Engine 52-2 (Captain P. Widmayer). Engine 52-2 arrived as the 2nd due engine and sent there crew to the scene. Engine 56 and Engine 51-2 got a water supply and 2 hand lines were placed in service. Engine 52-2's crew assisted with a Primary Search, Fire attack and Overhaul. Crews found fire in the kitchen area and the fire was quickly extinguished. Engine 52-1 (FF A. Rychlak) and Air 52 (FF C. Brogan) also made the response. The call was held to Engine 52-2, Ladder 53 and Engine 56. Units remained on scene to assist the FM's before returning available.

Later that day at approximately 1:00 PM Stations 52 and 53 were dispatched to the 200 Block of East Gay Street for the reported Appliance Fire. Engine 52-2 (FF A. Smiley) and Ladder 53 arrived to find nothing showing. Crews investigated a smoking oven and found insulation on fire in the wall of the oven. Crews opened up and extinguished the fire. Ventilation was completed and crews cleared a short time after.

Units: Engine 52-1, Engine 52-2, Air 52