Working Apartment Fire in the First Due
By Junior Firefighter Al Smiley
January 31, 2019

On Thursday at approximately 05:31 the WCFD was dispatched to the 200 Block of North Franklin Street for the Apartment Building Fire. Asst. 52 and Asst. 53 went en route and was given the report of a caller seeing flames and smoke in the apartment across the street, and the address was updated to the Sharpless Works Apartments in the 300 block of East Evans Street. Engine 52-2 (Capt. Dimeo) went en route with a crew of 6, along with Ladder 53 and Engine 51-2. Engine 52-2 arrived as the first due engine pulling an 1 3/4" hand line and making entry into the building. Engine 51-2 arrived shortly after pulling a second 1 3/4" Hand line and assisting Engine 52-2 with securing a water supply, followed by Ladder 53 who threw ground ladders and conducted a Primary search. Engine 52-1(FF C. Brogan) and Air 52 (FF D. Smiley Sr) went en route shortly after Engine 52-2 arrived, Engine 52-1 arrived as the Third Due engine and helped secure a water supply and sent the crew inside. Air 52 arrived and filled a few SCBA cylinders. The fire was put under control and held to Engine 52-2 within an hour.

While returning to station Engine 52-2 was dispatched for the Fire Alarm in the 200 block of S Walnut Street. Engine 52-2 arrived and went available shortly after arrival.

Units: Engine 52-2, Engine 52-1, Air 52, Chief 52, Assistant 52
Mutual Aid: 51, 53, 55 Ambulance