Close calls before the Holidays
By Junior Firefighter Al Smiley
December 18, 2018

On Tuesday, at Approximately 18:45, the Good Will Fire Co. was dispatched to the 200 block of East Gay Street for the reported CO alarm. Engine 52-2 (Capt. Dimeo) went responding with a crew of 5. While en route Engine 52-2 was notified that there was power washing happening in the parking garage below the building earlier in the day. Engine 52-2 arrived and found levels of CO on multiple floors throughout parts of the building. While naturally ventilating parts of the building, Engine 52-2 called Station 53 (Fame Fire Co.) for additional man power. Ladder 53 and Rescue 53 went en route and arrived to assist Engine 52-2's crew with ventilation and checking the rest of the building for levels of CO.

The following day, Wednesday, at approximately 16:41, Station 52 was alerted for the Fire Alarm at the Apartments for Modern Living in the 200 block of South Matlack Street. With the report of the alarm going off in the hallway and smoke in the building, Engine 52-2( FF Eadie) quickly went en route with a crew of 5 and arrived with nothing showing. While investigating Engine 52-1 (FF A. Smiley) went responding. As 52-1 arrived on location, the crew of Engine 52-2 found a smoke condition from a pizza box in the oven that was taken out and thrown in the dumpster outside. The crew from Engine 52-2 started ventilation while the crew of Engine 52-1 checked to make sure the burnt pizza box was completely extinguished. Crews used a fan to ventilated the building, while also pulling a 1" booster line to finish extinguishing the burnt pizza box in the dumpster. Crews cleaned up shortly afterwards and both engines went available.

The following morning, Thursday, at approximately 08:19, Stations 52 and 53 where dispatched to the 500 block of East Union Street for the Appliance Fire. Assistant 53, Engine 52-2 ( FF Eadie) and Ladder 53 quickly went en route. Crews arrived on scene to find a laptop battery that had exploded and taken outside of the building. Crews went available shortly after the scene was put under control, and Fire Marshalls where called to the scene.

The members of The Good Will Fire Company would like to remind the public that if your fire or CO alarms go off inside your building, to call 911. CO is very dangerous and has no odor. Do not ignore your alarms; they are there to protect you! We would also like to remind the public not to put anything flammable, or anything plastic inside your oven. Finally, please do not throw anything burning, or still hot, inside a trash can or dumpster because that can cause a much bigger fire.

Please have a safe and Happy Holiday!

- The members of The Good Will Fire Company

Units: Engines 52-2, 52-1, Assistant 52
Mutual Aid: Stations 53, 55 Ambulance